indigo word

Poetry, words from a thirsty soul.

The Lesson

Show me the colours.

Show me how I look.

Show me.

Show me all the divine darkness lurking within.

I welcome the pain…

Well hello, you have come back? Must I really experience this lesson again?  This pain is so familiar, I almost befriended it. Why have you come back? What more do I need to learn? I thought I passed!”

And the voice speaks…

“You are evolving, you are growing, simply be aware and take in the lesson one more time. You are now stronger, regret nothing and continue to shine your light with others.”



the change

Who am I talking to when I think? Am I really thinking or am I listening to my higher-self, who speaks directly to source? The Source brings messages to me in order to better humanity as a whole.  I cannot see humanity separate from myself, for I can be in anyones position right now and who is to say that I never was in your position?

Speak kindly to all those around you, for you carry the light from within.  This light is nothing out of the ordinary, the light is seen everyday when you smile, it is seen everyday when you see the green grass and the white snow.  Some call it science, some call it nature, some call it God.

I like to call it white magic.

So Sweet

So sweet is the taste of death.

For I have seen death, and because of that I know there is no death.

I close my eyes and I feel home.

I feel the material world dissolving,

And I stand in the immense universe, dark and beautiful like the night sky.

I produce a star in the dark, and all my friends are also stars shinning in the dark.

We know each other by our light, and we guide each other

With energy, light arrows and magic wands.



Showing all my insides is no shame.
My blood is a clear liquid…

I need to remind myself
I am human.

Not by looking at my blood,
that liquid

I don’t know where it came from.

Not from me.
I am human.
I bleed red.
It’s warm
And it gives me life.

Life will flow

We are like the natural disasters on Earth.
We are nature, trying to balance its self out.

Too much cold and we freeze,
With too much heat, we burn.

Yet the volcano has already erupted…

Will we die within the lava?
Can we hide from the explosions?

But if we are the volcano…
If we are the destruction…

With time and patience, the lava will cool
And an island will grow.


The dangers in life consist in consistency.
Never changing, always following the same path
Always trying the same words
Always feeding the same actions,
Opening the same eyes with that same vision.
Afraid that change will destroy all what you see.

Leaving yourself with nothing, for the old has had it’s life.
And everything you once knew is now dead.

Born anew, you remember nothing of your past.

Tree & Silk

When one is soft and the other is hard, how can the soft one touch the hard one without getting hurt?
And how can the hard one touch the soft one without damaging it?
Like silk hugging a tree.
The silk might get damaged, ripped or dirty.
But the tree stays strong.
The tree will only get damaged if the silk rips, and blames it on the tree.
 Not blaming its own material. 
The material is soft, and it is bound to break.
So the silk tells the tree to be more gentle, and maybe it wont break at all.

But the tree says:  I am who I am, I do not mean any harm.


I wait, when I don’t even need to wait.
I search, when I don’t even need to search.
I know nothing, yet everything is inside of me.

I create, but I think nothing comes from me.
I dream, but I think nothing is possible.
I cry, but nothing is attacking me.

It’s them, and us.
The cold vs. the heat.
The strong vs. the weak.

Yet when I laugh, I hide nothing
My love is overflowing,
And my curiosity keeps growing.


Going through this everyday.

Waking up and living the same day everyday…

I never grew old

And never grew young…

I am in the middle.

And my life is passing me by…

I have been alone in my thoughts

And alone in my world.

If I don’t change, I won’t know how reality looks like.

Will you see into my thoughts?

And listen to my mind, however crazy and irrational it can be?

I am tired of walking around, and around in my mind alone.

Walking in circles, never seeing the door, never seeing a path…

It is always dark, and I am still that little girl trying to climb her way out.

If I let you in, I know you won’t get lost.

But maybe, you have already opened the door…

And the light is too bright outside, I have to close my eyes to see.

You are yelling, calling my name through the door.

If you want, you can get in, but it’s all too dark, too dark for anybody to see.

With my eyes still closed, I walk towards your voice.

Slowly, for I don’t know if the ground below me will break.

But that doubt is still there, only because I can’t see yet, my eyes are still closed.

Walking towards your voice…

Now I run, because I have nowhere else to go.

I have no place but that open door.

And you, you are waiting for me.

Smiling with me.

As I create my reality.

Not a Suicide

I live in two worlds.
One, is where my mind rest,
The other is where my mind is set free.

The limits of my body have me walking and crawling to my death.
But in the other world, death is only a transformation.

I have been creating and destroying my whole life,
And I will continue to destroy and create
So long as my will urges me to live.

Give me no sympathy
Give me no praise
For both will be destruction.

I need your silence,
And your eyes of love to feed me.

On my own I am sure to die.
I look for answers in places I don’t even see.
In that other world, that I beg to be a part of…
It only laughs at my weaknesses.

Although I do want to die, and I believe I have died many times.
Shedding layers of my body that rot and stink up the air I breath.

I hardly have any layers left,
Hardly any body to support me.
I am weak, and stand on faith alone.

Take me back.
And once again I will rise.
Rise with a new body of earth.

Only then will I be reminded that both worlds join together body and mind.
A beautiful hybrid of perfect imperfections.
We need not seek anything, because…
We already carry everything we need.

Thus, dying would be another form of living.